How to get a competitive advantage

The function of flavonoids and other anti-oxidants contained in Equine Recoup is to support the cardiovascular system and aid blood supply to working muscles.

The product is designed to aid in the prevention of muscle damage and fatigue associated with training, and support recovery of equine health from competition and injury. Equine Recoup has been formulated with assistance from Japanese scientists and their racing fraternity in cooperation with a leading New Zealand research scientist, Dr. Greg Clark (PhD - Plant Biology).

Based on the research trials conducted to date, we believe that the product works by clearing metabolic waste products associated with fatigue and aiding the utilisation of lactate as a direct energy source for muscle recovery. Hence the lactic acid build up is reduced during exercise, which is essential for increasing stamina and performance in the race horses.

Equine Recoup competitive advantage is:

  • Developed from a proprietary technology that delivers anti-oxidants in a potent bioactive yet highly palatable and digestive form;

  • Supported by scientific and clinical studies;

  • 100% natural; and

  • May be administered during a race.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how Equine Recoup can help your horse.

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