Essential for performance

Equine Recoup contains no prohibited substances and can be used on all race and eventing horses.

It is specifically formulated to alleviate oxidative stress and support a rapid recovery from muscle fatigue and injury incurred during training and competition by the equine athlete.

Equine Recoup is a 100% natural product containing a specific blend of plant-derived flavonoids. This unique blend has been developed from a new proprietary technology (patent pending) that delivers the flavonoids in a potent bioactive yet highly palatable and digestive form.

Functionally these flavonoids work to support the cardiovascular system and aid blood supply to working muscles. This is essential in clearing metabolic waste products associated with fatigue and aiding the utilization of lactate as a direct energy source for muscle recovery.

An early convert to the benefits of flavonoids is endurance world championship rider Kevin James. After initially supplementing three of his horses’ diets with flavonoids he starting feeding a diet rich in these compounds to all his horses in training.

“Training wise, we are covering up to 50% more distance at this stage of their preparation relative to previous years and the horses seem very settled and are thriving in their work,” Mr James said. “In their early season events all horses have been breezing through their vet checks with no disqualifications and I have been very pleased with heart rate recoveries and metabolics across the board”

Mr James has also been positive about being able to supplement his horses’ diet with a natural food source.

We have a full money back guarantee. If you don't notice an improvement in your horses health after feeding it consecutively with Equine Recoup for 7 days we will give you your money back.

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