Equine Recoup

Equine Recoup

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Specifically formulated to alleviate oxidative stress and support rapid recovery from muscle injury and fatigue.


100% Natural 

100% New Zealand Grown 

100% Whole Plant Food in a Powder form. 


Equine Recoup is supplied in a 900g pail with inner foil bag and measuring scoop.

Each pail contains approx 30 daily doses.


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    100% natural product containing a specific blend of New Zealand grown plant-derived flavonoids.


    This unique propietary blend delivers the flavonids in a potent bioactive yet delicious form. 


    Functionally these flavonoids work to support the cardiovascular system and aid blood supply toworking muscles essential in clearing metabolic waste products associated with fatigue and aiding the utilisation of lactate as a direct energy source for muscle recovery.


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