What is Equine Recoup's competitive advantage?

Horse trainers, riders, breeders, owners, health experts and vets globally have tipped off this innovative product to have the major competitive advantage due to being:

🐎Developed from a proprietary technology that delivers anti-oxidants in a potent bioactive yet highly palatable and digestive form;

🐎Supported by scientific and clinical studies;

🐎100% natural and developed from blackcurrant extracts using proprietary technology

🐎Able to be administered during a race.

Equine Recoup is a high potency formulation which presents a new flavour to horses.

🐎We recommend to start feeding for first two days with 1/2 the recommended dose and then following acceptance, increase feeding to the full dose.

🐎Mix thoroughly into ground feedstuffs.

🐎Avoid mixing Equine Recoup with pelleted or large shape granular feed in the first few days but rather introduce at a lower rate in a textured feed. Premixing with molasses has proved beneficial.

We love hearing how Equine Recoup has improved your horse's lives, feel free to reach out to us on twitter, facebook or instagram to share your success stories with us.

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