Equine Recoup is specifically formulated to alleviate oxidative stress and support a rapid recovery from muscle injury and fatigue incurred during training and competition by the equine athlete.


Equine Recoup
is a 100% natural product containing a specific blend of plant-derived flavonoids. This unique blend has been developed from a new proprietary technology (patent pending) that delivers the flavonoids in a potent bioactive yet highly palatable and digestive form.


Functionally these flavonoids work to support the cardiovascular system and aid blood supply to working muscles essential in clearing metabolic waste products associated with fatigue and aiding the utilisation of lactate as a direct energy source for muscle recovery.

Equine Recoup
has been formulated from plant varieties unique to New Zealand. These varieties are grown in the pristine air of New Zealand's South Island. The exceptionally high level of UV light intensity triggers the plants to produce the richest source of these special flavonoids in the world.

Equine Recoup
contains no prohibited substances and can be used on all race and eventing horses.


Equine Recoup is now available in Australia, click here to visit our distributor Equine Athletics website www.equineathletic.com.au




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