What is Equine Recoup?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Equine Recoup is a complementary feed for horses to be fed as part of a normal balanced ration. It has been scientifically developed and formulated to support the natural pathways alleviating exercise-induced oxidative processes and aid a rapid recovery from muscle fatigue during training and competition by the equine athlete.

Equine Recoup is a 100% natural product containing a specific blend of blackcurrant-derived complex polyphenols including flavonoids. This unique blend has been developed from a new proprietary technology (patent (NZ 577357) that delivers the polyphenols in a potent bioactive yet highly palatable and digestive form.

Functionally these polyphenols work to support the cardiovascular system and aid blood supply to working muscles essential in clearing metabolic waste products associated with fatigue and aiding the utilisation of lactate as a direct energy source for muscle recovery.

Equine Recoup has been formulated from plant varieties unique to New Zealand. These varieties are grown in the pristine air of New Zealand’s South Island. The exceptionally high levels of UV light intensity trigger the plants to produce the richest source of #blackcurrant polyphenols in the world.

Equine Recoup does not knowingly contain any prohibited substances and can be used on all race and performance horses.

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