How to care for your horse during lockdown

As most horses will be paddocked during lockdown, they will be getting regular movement, depending on the size of the paddock.

As with government guidelines, we do not recommend exercising horses during this period unless it is essential for their health and wellbeing. If this is the case, all safety precautions should be made including not riding alone (taking someone from your bubble along), ensuring social distancing and wiping equipment and the horse down afterwards with disinfectant. Wiping down your equipment is critical if you have other people coming in to do horse care at different times.

Search online for idea's on how you can enrich your horses living arrangements.

*Move feed locations around each day.

*Place apples in the water trough so they have to work hard to get them.

*Make frozen treats by freezing water with chopped up carrots and apples in them.

*Large plastic barrels can also be used for horses to push or roll around. Check for sharp edges.

Do take all safety considerations into account when trialing something new. Not all strategies will be suitable for your horses environment.

Many of our customers have found that their horses respond well and their mental health improves while on Equine Recoup. Some customers comment on how "settled" their horses are while taking it. We recommend giving your horse just one serve per day.

If you have any other great tips, we would love to hear them. Tag us on our social pages Twitter @equinetalk or Instagram/Facebook #recoupequine

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