“I find Equine Recoup special because it is produced through the purification of a single material. We are presently giving the supplement only to top-notch athletes. We were willing to administer it to the horses that took part in the last world championship held in Kentucky. I feel the product helps horses recover from fatigue more quickly than usual. If you are a local owner who is interested in entering a competition, it will be a wise decision to adopt Equine RecoupTM as a way to take care of your horses. It will be especially effective for really demanding racing events, too, such as endurance and eventing.”

Dr. Amano, head veterinary at the Crane Riding Club and Equine Clinic – Japan

(over 2,000 horses with more than 20,000 members nationwide)



Laurie Laxon is based in Singapore and is considered arguably the best and most well-known horse trainer to come out of New Zealand. His achievements are iconic. Laurie Laxon has 13 of his 62 horses on Equine Recoup.


The Recoup isn’t taken in isolation but is part of a planned dietary formulation for each horse on it. Laurie Laxon has found that any horse with a ‘bleeding issue’ (EIPH: exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage) benefits from the Recoup. Other proprietary products can be used for such horses but it disqualifies them for racing whereas the horse can race after being on the Recoup.



Sir Patrick Hogan KNZM CBE, owner of Cambridge Stud New Zealand, has trialled Equine Recoup with two fillies and says he is very satisfied with the results. “One was a light-fleshed filly who really tried her heart out and was worth persevering with. We gave her Equine Recoup for a month and after her race both the trainer and I noted how she recovered more quickly than before the Recoup.”





The small syndicate that owns multiple group two winning mare Veloce Bella believe Equine Recoup is playing a key role in the overall preparation of the mare as she builds towards this 2009 summer racing season.

“She is very forward in her preparation, she seems very happy in herself and is training better than ever. There is a marked difference in the horse. She seems to be recovering a lot quicker too. She didn’t run a trial, and in her first start of 1200 metres, a far too shorter distance for her), she made the run of the race to fly home in fifth place. In her second start a 1400m Group 2,and having unfortunately thrown a front shoe out of the gates, she again was announced as ‘the run of the race', finishing 8th but only three and a half lengths from the winner. This is unusual at this stage of her preparation as she has historically not fired as well early, when running the short distances”.



“After initially trying the product on three horses I now feed Equine Recoup to all 12 horses I have in work.

Training wise the horses seem very settled and are thriving in their work. We are covering up to 50% more distance at this stage of their preparation relative to previous years. It is great to be using a product that is 100% natural and as a bonus I have found that I have been able to cut back on other products I used to regularly use.

In their early season events all horses have been breezing through vet checks with no disqualifications to date and I have been very pleased with heart rate recoveries and metabolics across the board.

I have been thrilled with the results from using Equine Recoup and would thoroughly recommend the product to other endurance riders for their horses”.

Kevin James
“Gold Medallist – World Endurance Champs”
Member of the winning New Zealand team of the endurance world championships Dubai 1998 and
endurance horse trainer for Sheik Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).




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